by Mal Intent

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released October 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Mal Intent Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Mal Intent
Look down at me, realize i'm not who i used to be.
No authority can hold me back from whats been missing.
It feels like i'm living in hell and i've played all of your games.
But same as always i expose

My only life is here

Couldn't forget you were a lesson i didn't want to remember
but paranoid i see it in your eyes, while your hiding from the truth
i see that you hide behind a wall of lies

you gave with no fight
you gave up your life

what will you do when your problems are in front of you and there is no one there to protect you.
Track Name: I Dwell
I live with a sea full of regrets running through my veins
Im cursed as long as i keep living this pace
peace of mind the only thing left to gain it'll be the only way
to dismiss all this pain that i've endured in my recent days

take it away

you never know how broken you are
until you star in to the fucking mirror
got to thank you dad for showing me no fear

shattered as i keep dreaming
this fucking life is so misleading
let go its the only way to live
hate life its the only way to give

thinking back on those days it replays through my head
remembering the last words that i said
if i only knew you were so close to death
things would've been so much different back then

back then

i dwell
i dwell
Track Name: Sleep
Swallow your demise Deep into your stomach I think I'm at my breaking point i cannot hide it

Someone look me in the eyes tell me I'm gunna be alright

While The cold rushes through my head I'm thinking I'm on my deathbed There's a blackness behind my soul Im going Down down down in a hole

I'm lost all alone Time is moving to slow I return back to earth more and more The pain is finally reaching my core

never living past my age Became a reoccuring thought I can close my eyes and wish But that day never came

here I am once again I'm staring right back at your life

I'm all alone So cold